Letters for Byers | Letter

Lisa Byers has been deservedly praised for her experience as a manager. Indeed her skills in overseeing people and budgets will serve her well on the county council, especially since our revised charter has returned administrative authority to that body.

However, I want to emphasize another aspect of Lisa as a candidate: her temperament. Lisa approaches people and problems even-handedly. She listens before she speaks, and she consults before she decides. These are qualities needed on our county council as it deals with controversy and change.

Having a council of three instead of six means that each council person will influence the tenor of council meetings more than has been the case in recent years. It is important therefore to have council members who display a respectful and open-minded approach to other council persons, the public, and county staff.

Lisa Byers is such a person. I urge voters to place her on our new three-person council.

Richard Ward

Lopez Island