In support of School Bond | Letter

I have read many of the letters and talked with former students and many parents since my return. I have generally listened (as is my nature) to many different opinions and concerns regarding the school and the bond measure.

No one has told me that the Lopez school buildings are fine as is or that we should just continue to make incremental repairs and changes to keep it going. (I have overheard interesting opinions from some students; maybe they’ll submit a letter.)

Some people have reacted to a specific budgeted item like painting the water tanks. I have never paid much attention to them until today but they are pretty homely. I can understand the intent …the effort to have a pleasant entrance for students and safe access/egress for busses on School Road… The water tanks; I hate painting, but I’d help the paint the tanks within a true Lopez style group effort.

So on to bigger things. I have heard that the architects and the school’s board members have worked hard and presented (in no particular order) “a bold, extravagant, “un-Lopezian” (whatever that means), creative and therefore unaffordable, outrageous, sensitive, well designed, economical, unique” and all the way to “what in the world am I looking at” and “it is going to cost what!”

I will readily admit that the entire design and building process can be overwhelming no matter what the scale is. Designing for the remodel of an existing building can be very emotional and hard wrought by all involved but the final result can be much more creative, interesting and in the end accepted by the community. Our school is special and will remain very special but it still needs work.

I firmly believe that people can make a place special, it is why I live on Lopez and why I am confident that the Lopez school will undergo a much needed renovation in a true Lopez style…some painting will be required. Please vote YES for the Lopez school bond measure.

We owe that to all of Lopez, past, present and future.

Nick Gervasi