In praise of the Post Office| Letter

In these fractured times, can we just agree that the Post Office is a Very Good Thing? Case in point: back in March, just as the coronavirus was shutting down the world, I purchased lederhosen from Lithuania on eBay (long story). Tracking information showed that my lederhosen duly arrived in Chicago in some sort of customs clearance facility. And there they sat for a while.

I did not have an urgent need for lederhosen, but by June, I was curious if they were forever lost in Chicago or would be making their way to me eventually. So, I inquired of the post office and asked them to drop everything they were doing and focus all resources on my package. An inspector somewhere in New York called me for more information, and our local post office got involved in the search and rescue.

Answer… it’s somewhere. It will reach you. And, you know what? My Lederhosen from Lithuania were delivered a few days later. During a pandemic. God Bless the Post Office and all of the dedicated postal workers who wait patiently while I decide whether I like stamps with flowers or stamps with frogs better. Thank you for listening to my problems. Thank you for bringing me everything from weaving looms to lever harps and not judging me. Thank you for knowing my name and knowing I can count on you through sleet and snow and pandemics.

Ingrid Gabriel

Friday Harbor