If you wish peace, prepare for war | Letter

I become apoplectic (in my own sedate and refined way)  when I read that Chris Greacen questions Rick Larson’s definition of Morality because he (Rick) votes for Growlers!

I am convinced that if Chris had been alive on Aug. 15, 1945,  he would have been caught up in the general euphoria of the day,  and applauded President Truman for ending the war quickly and thus saving the lives of many U.S. soldiers and reuniting families that would have otherwise been bereft. I doubt he would have wasted a tear on the thousands of Japanese civilians killed to obtain the surrender.  Even today,  it pleases me to believe that if Chris had a sister in the path of ISIS,  he would put on his war paint (shock and awe) and go and fight those who wish to enforce Sharia law on women,  and cut off the heads of those heathen men who report it. If Chris is a conscientious objector, he would still volunteer for frontline ambulance duty.  Such is my hope.  The fundamental thought here is:

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.  If you wish peace, prepare for war.  Imagining world peace is simply insufficient. As Charles Atlas learned young,  weakness inspires bullies. And,  as I mentioned before:  “Thus the great democracies triumphed over the forces of Totalitarianism and so were able to resume those follies that had  so nearly cost them their lives.”  Today,  with the increasing power of ISIS, our leaders are thinking (rightly) of strengthening our military arms.  If ignorant young jihadists imagine a grievance against the U.S., this is to be deplored, but,  it is unlikely that they will submit to the  authority of right reason.  It should be noted that many Arab leaders send their children to Harvard and USC.  Admiral Yamamoto, planner of the Pearl Harbor attack, went to Harvard.)

P.S. Cindy mars her presentation by wretched hyperbole. Effective propaganda must, at least, have a semblance of congenial plausibility.

J. M.  Schultz

Lopez Island