Hughes for council | Letter

After taking the time to research our two candidates for the County Commissioner seat, talking to supporters from each side, reading position statements, and most importantly, closely following local issues, two things are very clear. Ms. Wolf is a really nice person with good intentions and some good ideas. While our incumbent, Mr. Hughes, has neither done everything perfectly nor made everyone happy. However, he has handled many difficult situations very well.

Understanding the past, dealing with current issues, and invested in its future, there is little doubt that this third-generation Orcas resident cares deeply for our island.

That all said, experience matters more than any of it. Navigating the very tricky waters that exist in government is not a job we should hand to someone with no experience in the field. I look forward to more involvement from Ms. Wolf in the future but my family and I are voting for Rick Hughes to continue the work he has done on vital programs in the county. Our environment, our affordable housing needs, our small businesses (my family has two), our ferry system, our waste management system, our senior citizens and more have all benefited from Rick’s expertise and hard work.

Please join us in re-electing Rick Hughes to our county council.

Bob Phalan

Orcas Island