Comments needed on BLM plan | Letters

BLM must receive public comments on the San Juan Islands National Monument Resource Management Plan by Jan. 3. Your voice is needed in the development of the plan that will guide BLM’s operations in the San Juan Islands National Monument for the next 15 to 20 years.

Similar to a voter’s guide, the islanders for the San Juan Islands National Monument put together Guides to the Issues. The guides cover general comments; cultural, plants and habitat; and 16 specific site comment forms.

In each guide, you will find background information, pros/cons, concerns and often a recommendation. You may not agree with the recommendation, but you should comment. Comments should include your rationale. This can be personal observations such as, “I’ve served as a monitor on this site for 10 years and have noticed….” You can also attach items such as articles, studies or research papers.

You do not need to comment on everything. You may want to make broad comments on the General Comment form that would apply throughout the monument and/or list specific items on the comment forms for some or all of the specific sites.

Guides to the issues and other materials can be found at

Your monument deserves your guidance. Comment by Jan. 3.

Sally Reeve

Islanders for the San Juan Islands National Monument