Chris Greacen for school board | Letter

I have known Chris Greacen since he was a boy growing up with my two sons and have even visited with him in Thailand, where his wife’s family live. I was pleased to learn recently of his decision to become a candidate for an open position on our school board.

Chris Greacen is an outstanding candidate. He understands complex issues and will bring to the board the broad perspectives his work abroad has given him. Moreover, while very articulate in expressing his views, Chris is a good listener and will work well with other board members, and he will have the respect of administration and staff.

And Chris is passionate about education. He cares about learning and is a super-learner himself, having excelled at Lopez High School, Reed College, and the University of California at Berkeley, where he earned his Ph.D.

In addition, Chris is devoted to community. He cares about issues that affect us all, environmental, governmental, and social. He will reflect very well the values that guide our small island community.

Finally, Chris is a devoted and involved parent. In spite of his many commitments, he engages with his family. You will see Chris enjoying time with his children, his wife, his sister and brother-in-law and their children, and his mom.

To me, Chris Greacen represents the best of Lopez.

Richard Ward

Lopez Island