Biden should cancel student loans | Letter

[President] Joe Biden should cancel all student loans. This would put a huge influx of cash into the economy, and provide relief for hundreds of thousands of people who are carrying a loan burden for some as large as the cost of a house. But a person can’t live on a student loan.

My daughter Kendra, has a practice in social work and teaches at university. She is well prepared for this work, with a master’s and a Ph.D. She has two sons who recently graduated from college.

Kendra has been paying off the loans that prepared for this work for at least 25 years. She is also helping to pay off the loans for her sons. Her education was not cheap. She still has loans totaling well over $200,000.

Kendra’s clients and students are grateful for what she brings to their lives. She provides a useful and necessary service to our country. Canceling student loans would help the economy get back on track, and provide relief that would allow people to get into better housing, eat better food and live better lives.

Do it, Joe. Now is the time.

William Corr