A letter to the Lopez community and the person(s) who stole the Pride flags | Letter

How did I feel when my flags were stolen? Of course, it made me feel like I wasn’t welcome. That I don’t belong. That lasted a couple of days. Then I was angry, I was really pissed off. But once I had an idea of who I thought took them, it was hard for me to hold anger anymore. I just felt bad.

Whoever took it, I probably grew up with you. I am sure that you are a friend of a friend. Because on Lopez, everyone is a friend of a friend. I just wish you would own up to your actions. Then we could actually have the possibility of dialogue. This anonymous taking of other people’s shit? It needs to stop.

When more flags were stolen, I took everything less personally. Now I am moving into advocacy. We’re creating a youth scholarship and increasing queer visibility around the island. Queer people feel enormous pressure to come out. Yet when we do, we’re met with resistance. That’s messed up. Why must I put myself in a position of vulnerability in order to be seen?

I appreciate the support I am getting from my family and friends. It’s been great to connect with the larger community and with a growing queer and gay community. We’re queer — and we’re here!

Terrell Carter

Lopez Island