When community and coffee meet

The Lopez Coffee Shop opened its doors on Friday, Oct. 2 with the sounds of foaming milk and the chit chat of locals and tourists alike.

The Lopez Coffee Shop opened its doors on Friday, Oct. 2 with the sounds of foaming milk and the chit chat of locals and tourists alike.

Owners Bridie Spreine and Theresa Lynch hope to not only serve delicious beverages but give people a warm place to hang out.

“We’re hoping that it will build community and that people will come in and feel comfortable,” said Lynch. “And that other businesses in the area will feel welcome and have a consistent good cup of coffee.”

If you drop into the shop you will find they are serving Lopez Island Coffee Roasters Organic Espresso roasted on island.

The shop was previously called La Boheme under the ownership of Robert Herrmann.

When Herrmann initially opened the shop Spreine worked for him.

“Working for Robert … Every interaction was  so delightful,” said Spreine. “When he decided to sell in 2015 and asked if I wanted the shop I said, ‘Yeah, that’s what I want.’”

Robert taught Spreine that every person, customer, vendor,  friend or family is an individual.

“On Lopez if you’re willing to have a conversation that will challenge your beliefs, it strengthens you as a person,” said Spreine. “The coffee shop has done that for me over and over again.”

In addition to working for Herrmann, years of working in customer service  has helped Spreine learn a few tricks of the trade, including the knowledge that she “identifies more with customers than employees.”

She takes this friendliness in addition to the same philosophy Herrmann had. Spreine and Lynch wanted to take his shop and seamlessly transition into their own place. They said besides a new name and maybe new paint, there will be few changes.

“Robert had the same vision. He was very welcoming and pleasant,” said Lynch. “And there was always a sense of comradery with the people here and a good feel to it, which is what we want to do.”

Spreine describes her business partner as very strong, logical and a good troubleshooter.

Lynch describes Spreine as creative, fair and full of wonderful ideas.

She said they are a good fit and balance each other out because they are both dreamers but have the ability to slow down and think things out.

“The coffee shop has been Bridie’s  dream for five years. She has been dreaming, eating and breathing how to make it a reality,” said Lynch.

For Spreine, the dream could not come true without the support of the island.

“The community support has been amazing and having the kindness of Robert and Ron in the transition has been amazing,” said Spreine. “Even people who don’t drink coffee stick their heads in and say welcome to the community. “

And like other family-owned business on the island you can see Spreine’s three kids at the coffee shop too. They are just as involved in process, often asking if they should talk to the customers or work on coloring books.