Practitioners come together at Healing Energy Arts of Lopez

Healing Energy Arts of Lopez, aka HEAL, is an alternative and complementary healthcare clinic that opened its doors in late August 2010. Julienne Battalia, the co-owner of Lopez Massageworks (since 1989), joined forces with Deborah Boneville and other practitioners from Wellspring Massage to create a holistic health center for Lopez Island.

We  presently have four massage therapists, three mental health practitioners, one east asian medicine practitioner (acupuncture, cupping, nutrition, herbs), two Reiki practioners (a non-invasive method of touch that activities the bodies natural healing Qi or life force), two Jin Shin Jitsu  practioners, (an acupressure technique that uses very gentle holding of points to stimulate the body’s Qi), one Craniosacral therapist (a hands on gentle technique that discerns faults and disturbances in the cranial rhythm and the spinal fluid: great for head/back injuries/ADHD/headaches) and one holistic skin care specialist.

HEAL is in the process of searching for a chiropractor and a naturopath to join the clinic, and we have space available for other practitioners to join at this time.

HEAL has a “walk in clinic” on Thursdays from 1:30 to 5 p.m., where  you can receive massage therapy for one dollar per minute, and an acupuncture treatment for $30.

In mid-March 2013, Julienne  Battalia will also be offering a clinic for those with chronic insomnia, using ear acupuncture. This clinic will need a commitment of three half-hour treatments per week for three or four weeks. If you are interested, call 468-3239/4842.

HEAL staff looks forward to caring for you on your journey toward wholeness. HEAL is located in the village behind the Love Dog Café.