New therapies on Lopez

Jennifer Janeway

Jennifer Janeway

O2 Energy Light, located in the center of Lopez village, is now open and ready to serve the San Juan Islands and surrounding areas. They offer mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared sauna therapy and other light therapies.

A year ago Jennifer Janeway’s husband, became very ill with aggressive cancer. As part of an integrative approach to dealing with his illness, Darryl and Jennifer wanted to find ways to improve Darryl’s immune system generally and in preparation for a particular treatment. It was suggested by his Naturopathic Oncologist that he try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Darryl and Jennifer found a center off island quite a ways from the San Juans area that offered this service. His immune markers did show significant improvement and it seemed clear that it would be wise to continue this kind of therapy for a significant period of time. It was expensive and impractical for Darryl to travel the distance to that center and so Jennifer found a way to purchase a chamber with the hope of helping Darryl and the community as a whole. This began the creation of O2 Energy Light.

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves a person being exposed to increased atmospheric pressure inside an inflatable chamber. The pressure increases the amount of available oxygen to the cells and tissues and allows oxygen to reach areas of the body that would normally be difficult to reach. This complementary therapy is being used more and more around the world by allopathic and alternative practitioners for conditions including: traumatic brain injuries, stroke, infections, cancer, inflammation, migraines, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, pre/post surgery, dementia and for sports medicine and general health.

Infrared Saunas use light to penetrate and heat the body which can help with pain management, circulation, detox, weight control, and more.

LED Light Therapy stimulates beneficial innate cellular responses including increasing circulation, activating the release of nitric oxide and helping with pain management. It accelerates repair and replenishment.

Call 360-468-3732 for information and to schedule an appointment. Inquire about taxi service from the ferry to the office to come car-less. Look for the upcoming website: