New septic business on Lopez

A1 Septic is a pumping service on Lopez Island, but can work anywhere in the county. Certified, insured and bonded. After you inspect your septic tank (or have it inspected) to see if it is full enough with scum and sludge to need it pumped, you can call us to do it.

Why did we start it?

We saw an opportunity to go into business because the local business was for sale. After a lot of discussion, we decided to start our own.

What is our previous experience that adds to our business?

We both have tons of customer service experience. Jason Kramer has been driving for the county for a decade now, which has given him lots of experience with lots of different equipment. The septic pumper would be one more to get familiar with and we’re off to a great start. Jason drove for a septic company delivering to Anacortes, so he’s familiar with the process.

What is our favorite thing about what you do?

Helping people keep up their clean septic tank. Driving the big “Tonka” truck is pretty fun, learning about business and starting a business has been the most amazing experience.

A bit about ourseves

We are in our 40s with six amazing children: two in the military (one Marine and Army medic); one in Astoria, Oregon, in construction; one a dental assistant on Lopez; and two 13-year-old 8th-graders. All raised on Lopez. They amaze us every day. We have two old dogs and a puppy, one cat, 14 chickens, and a lamb. We enjoy being outside and enjoy thiswonderful island we live on.

How long have we been here

Kim Kramer moved here when she was 15 from southern California – talk about culture shock. Her dad retired, and they moved up to farm. Jason moved here in his early 20s a life change and opportunity.