New location for Ye Scurvy Dogs

By Marne Cook

The smell of freshly cooked burgers, fries, fish and chips, coffee, and cookies made from scratch drift from the door of Ye Scurvy Dogs – Home Port restaurant, located at the ferry landing.

It all started about a year ago when Deanna and Jay Brant bought the Island Style Hot Dog stand. The Brant family sold hot dogs in the old store parking lot, but once fall and winter brought cold, windy weather the Brants decided to close up until spring.

During this off season of selling hot dogs, the opportunity to buy the Krusty Krab presented itself. “We decided it was exactly what we wanted to do,” said Deanna.

When touch ups of the Krusty Krab began, the Brants thought that all it would take was a thorough clean, a quick paint job and they would be back in business. This was not the case.

“The building needed some serious TLC (tender loving care),” said Deanna.

Weeks of hard work from the Brant family and the help of many others were put into making this building up to date. Finally on April 11, Ye Scurvy Dogs- Home Port was finished and ready for business.

“We know that one of the biggest hurdles will be to gain the trust of the locals when it comes to being open regularly, as consistency has been an issue with past owners over the years,” said Deanna. “We’re open every day at 6 a.m. now and will do so all year long. We’ll be closed on July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We stay open until at least 2 p.m., but often later and as the ferry schedule changes. We’ll be open until 6:30 p.m. for the summer.”

You can also can also call ahead and place an order at Ye Scurvy Dogs- Home Port at 468-4700.

– Cook is an intern for the Islands’ Weekly