ChillWell AC: Will the Portable AC Air Cooler Actually Work for You?

Remember how hot and miserable the last two summers were? Remember how you dreaded turning the thermostat down just a few more degrees because it just seemed like no matter where you were, it just seemed like you couldn’t get the room you were relaxing in quite as cool as you wanted? A new portable solution to these issues is the ChillWell Air Cooler. ChillWell is a portable air-cooling device that runs on battery power, and it can be taken anywhere for additional cooling without raising your utility bills.

But is this device as good as its manufacturer says? And how does it cool the air?

ChillWell Air Cooler is a new air cooling and humidifier system available; ChillWell was designed to cool smaller areas in a home, garage, tent, or even a car. This portable air cooling device uses HydroChill technology and can keep rooms cooler without the need for a professional. It’s portable, rechargeable, and cordless and can be moved anywhere to cool and add humidity to the air.

Benefits and Features of ChillWell

According to the ChillWell AC official website, the benefits and features of ChillWell are:

  • Portability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Rechargeability
  • Rapid cooling
  • Four fan speeds; Turbo, High, Medium, and Low
  • LED Lighting od several colors
  • Keeps the electricity bill low

How ChillWell is Efficient at Cooling the Air

ChillWell air cooler was designed to be used in the easiest possible manner. It must first be charged, then soak the cooling cartridge in chilled water to enjoy cooled and moisturized air in under a minute. This technology is called Hydro-Chill and helps add moisture to the atmosphere.

ChillWell cools the air without eliminating the moisture. It has a cooling cartridge that adds moisture while cooling the air. This means cooler temperatures without leaving the air dry. And when the air is dry, it can cause coughing and irritated sinuses,

ChillWell Features Explained

As mentioned, ChillWell employs Hydro-Chill Technology to lower temperatures. But here are some of this device’s features explained:

Rapid Cooling

While traditional AC systems slowly cool rooms or homes, the ChillWell Air Cooler focuses on smaller areas. This means no longer spending too much money on the electricity bill every month.

4 Fan Speeds

As said before, ChillWell has four fan speeds, from Low to Medium, High, and Turbo. It doesn’t matter if its user wants the air to be cooled gently at night or during the day; the turbo maximum fan speed can be used when the area is sweltering. The point here is that the experience of cooling the air with ChillWell can be customized.

Using Ice Cubes

ChillWell is a cost-efficient device that can cool the air temperatures in smaller rooms. ChillWell uses ice cubes added to its cooler tank to lower the air temperature. This helps the air that flows through the system and passes over the ice-cold water, and then goes through the air cooler’s water curtain. This helps to cool the surroundings quickly.

Turbo Cooling Mode

The Turbo Cooling Mode option in the ChillWell is used when there’s a need for extra cooling.


Because it doesn’t have to have its battery charged, ChillWell can be taken anywhere in the home. It can even be used when going out camping.

Cooling the Air Fast

There’s no need to wait long for this AC system to cool a room. ChillWell works in seconds, helping to defeat the heat and remain cool for the entire summer.

Easy to Use

ChillWell has been designed for anyone to use easily. It comes with a USB charging cable and, when attached to the device, can be turned on to find quick cool relief.

Affordable and Smart Home Cooling

This device has been made to maximize energy efficiency and reduce the electricity bill. This means no longer spending significant amounts of money chilling each room for the entire summer.

Night Light

ChillWell has a night light with color options of blue, red, white, purple, teal, yellow, and green. It can be turned on any time it is needed to add ambiance. What’s also great about it is that it can be put in a bathroom, foyer, or nursery for additional lighting, humidity and cooling.

Extra Cooling

ChillWell is equipped with a dishwasher-safe water curtain and a cooling cartridge. The ChillWell water curtain can be pre-soaked, and the cartridge can be placed in the freezer. This way, it will cool the air for more extended periods. This means it maximizes the cooling efficiency by a lot.

Perfect for Smaller Rooms

This device has been designed to cool smaller rooms. One ChillWell unit will not cool the entire home like a window-installed AC, but it is perfect for smaller areas to add humidity and lower the temperatures in single rooms.

LED Light Colors

It doesn’t matter if ChillWell is being used for ambiance or as a night light; its many light colors should be enjoyed at any time. These colors are Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Teal.

No Need to Install a Traditional Air Conditioning System

There’s no need to install a traditional HVAC air cooling system using ChillWell AC. This device cools the air temperature without any fuss. It’s ideal for student rooms, rentals, and other rooms where AC systems can’t be used.

How does ChillWell Work So Efficiently?

ChillWell cools the air through evaporation and the cooling cartridge that makes it so efficient. Its water curtain must be put in water and then placed back in the device. After this has been done, the device can start cooling the surroundings. But here’s how ChillWell works, step by step:

  • ChillWell comes with a cooling cartridge, and this cooling cartridge rests in a water tank
  • Before using it, the water tank needs to be filled, and then its curtain must be soaked in the water
  • Ice can be added to the device’s water tank for extra cooling
  • The fans of ChillWell Air Cooler pull the dry and warm air through the device’s water curtain, releasing cooler air through the vent.
  • Dry air enters through one side of the device’s water curtain, and cool, moist air comes from the other side. The water curtain’s moisture is removed through evaporation. This process is natural and requires heat.
  • ChillWell has fans that are blowing cool air at four speeds. Cool temperatures can be enjoyed without leaving the air dry behind. Traditional AC systems leave the air dried out and cause stuffy noses.
  • The cooling cartridge of ChillWell is made from spongious materials and should be replaced every 1 or 3 months, depending on how the device has been used
  • When the temperature is higher and the humidity lower, evaporation can cool the air more rapidly and efficiently. The device’s settings can be adjusted according to what cooling comfort is required

ChillWell Technical Specs

Here are ChillWell’s tech specs:

  • Length: 6.69”
  • Height: 6.30”
  • Width: 5.71”
  • Size of the Water Tank: 550ml

Battery Life:

  • Low operation – 12 hours
  • Medium Operation – 10 hours
  • High Operation – 8 hours

When fully charged, ChillWell can run for hours, depending on the speed setting and the temperature in the room. Room humidity is essential too. ChillWell can run for 8-12 hours and fill only once when fully charged.

Setting Up and Using ChillWell

Anyone can, without any hassle, set up ChillWell, which is also easy to use. There’s no need to have technical skills to use the ChillWell. Here’s how to set up and use the ChillWell, step-by-step:

  • Putting the device to charge
  • Setting ChillWell on a flat surface that is level
  • The small end of the device’s USB cable is plugged into the unit’s backport. All ChillWell devices have a USB cable for charging. There’s no USB power adaptor for this unit, but any device or electronic device with a USB port could work.
  • The charging light of the device then starts to work and indicates that the unit is receiving power.

Setting Up the ChillWell Device

  • The cartridge drawer tab must be removed from the device
  • The device’s cooling cartridge must be pre-soaked under running, cold water. For more cooling, the cartridge can be put in the freezer
  • The cartridge needs to be placed into its drawer as soon as it’s wet or frozen
  • The water tank needs to have water poured into its opening and topped. The tank’s side shows the level of water. Ice cubes can be used for more cooling
  • ChillWell can start to be used
  • The fan button must be pressed for ChillWell to start, and then the device will automatically go into High speed.

The desired temperature can be adjusted to reach the desired fan speed. Medium is set by pressing the fan button two times. For Low, it must be pressed three times. The “+” button should be pressed for the device to be in Turbo mode.

  • The air direction can be adjusted up or down.
  • The light color can be chosen by pressing the “Sun” button. Multiple colors can be selected and then cycled by pressing only one button.
  • Then, the snowflake button can be pushed to control the cooling output. The cooling modes are High or Low.
  • It’s essential to store ChillWell in a proper place and to maintain it properly.
  • When using ChillWell for extended periods, the unit must be emptied and allowed to dry. If not, mold can appear, and the device might start smelling unpleasant.

The ChillWell’s cartridge must be cleaned weekly for the device to work optimally. The cartridge can be put in the dishwasher’s top rack using the regular cycle. Or it can be gently washed with soap and warm water. Some people microwave it for 30 seconds – to 2 minutes on High.

If ChillWell has mold or smells musty, it should be turned off and its cartridge cleaned to be used again. Mold can be removed if the cartridge is soaked in water with vinegar for about 1 hour.

How Much Does ChillWell Cost?

On its official website, ChillWell comes reduced at 55%. Here are its prices:

  • 1 x ChillWell Portable unit at $89.99
  • 2 x ChillWell Portable units at $179.99
  • 3 x ChillWell Portable units at $201.99
  • 4 x ChillWell Portable units at $269.99

There’s no shipping included in these prices. And the manufacturer doesn’t mention shipping costs until the purchase has been completed.


What’s the Refund Policy for ChillWell?

All ChillWell purchases come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. People who are not happy with the way the product works can ask for a complete refund within 60 days since they have purchased it. Refunds can be requested only for products that haven’t been used and come in original packaging.

Last Words about ChillWell

ChillWell is made by Ontel Products Corporation, a company based in New Jersey, Fairfield. Here’s how to contact the ChillWell customer service team:

  • Phone: 888-998-6324
  • Email: chillwell@rephelpdesk.com
  • Mailing Address: 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004

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