Yes for school bond | Letter

The undersigned support staff of Lopez School would like to speak in favor of the Capital Projects Bond. We, who work every day in the buildings that house our students, staff and programs understand too clearly that major work is overdue.

The structure of the school has deteriorated to the point that it daily affects the quality of the work environment for students and staff alike. Flooring is damaged and even missing in some places, as is the outdoor siding, which can cause water infiltration. Heating and cooling are problematic with newer and antiquated systems that need to be brought up to date.

We are desperate for technology infrastructure and equipment to keep us current. The fire alarm system is not linked between the elementary and secondary so that a fire could be occurring in one school and there would be no warning in the other. Plumbing and sewer systems have deteriorated to the point of needing constant repair. The students and staff deserve a professional and safe environment in which to learn and work.

As support staff we support kids by safely transporting them to schools, by providing a clean, organized environment for them to learn in, by bandaging their wounds after picking them up out of the gravel on the playground, by providing technological assistance to enhance their learning, by preparing healthy meals for their bodies and minds.

We ask that you pitch in and help support our children, your children, our community’s children by passing the current bond. The success and safety of our students are our focus. We believe that the revised amount of the proposed bond is far from frivolous and very much needed. Please join us in voting yes.

Cheryl Harlan, Jesse Hammond, Debbie Tetu, Susan Savage, Ronda Berg, Dana Cotten, Valerie Yukluk, Susan Elings, Jodi Fowler, Denny Jardine, Laurie Jardine, Cindy Post