Vote for school bond | Letter

I graduated from Lopez High School in 2012. Thanks to an outstanding faculty and the small size, this school provides a very supportive environment for students where they are encouraged to pursue their own interests or inspirations. The creation of the culinary class was a great opportunity for me as I finally had a chance to practice my passion at school, cooking. This has led me to Italy where I write this letter as I continue to pursue my dream of becoming a chef.  You might have seen me at the market last summer selling my pasta?

Since then the popularity of this class has grown immensely. Unfortunately the current kitchen, or half-kitchen, makes it difficult to conduct a proper class, especially for a large group. If it is renovated and turned into a working kitchen classroom with proper facilities the class will be able to function more effectively. If this bond is approved it opens the opportunity for student sponsored community meals, student sponsored breakfasts or dinners to raise money and many other possibilities.

Please join me as I vote from Italy for this school bond and help other students follow their dreams.

Arlen Coiley

Lopez Island