Summer of loving Lopez Island | Letter

A huge thank you to all the wonderful Lopezians who made our summer on Lopez a complete success. What an incredible island and such a warm, welcoming community you live in.

A special thank you to some of the people that helped to make us feel welcome-Grandpa John for his generosity in sponsoring the kids’ fishing derby, the incredibly patient and kind folks at the library, everyone who had anything to do with the beautiful skate park that my son about lived at, Jennifer at IMC for sharing her information and her paint with us, Bill Kimm for getting us started on our land, the always friendly people at the trash/recycling center and Neil’s Mall and all the friendly people on Lopez that offered a wave, a smile or a bit of advice.

Thank you all for sharing your island with us, we can’t wait to return!

Jackie Hamlin

Middleton, Idaho