Steckler for school board | Letter

We would like to recommend Carol Steckler for the Lopez School Board. Carol is a long-time Lopez resident, community member, community builder, activist and friend. Over the 20 -plus years we have known Carol, she has been involved and passionate about the school and the well-being of all children. She believes that every child deserves to have their passions and talents supported and developed, using the resources, ideas and experience of teachers, parents, community members and fellow students.

Her interest, energy and willingness to serve has not diminished over the years. She recently served on the school’s finance committee (2015) with superintendent Brian Auckland to help put the school back on sustainable financial footing. She gives credit to Brian and the rest of the committee and believes the effort was only successful because of strong parental involvement. We believe Carol brings a unique perspective that both honors the history of our school’s accomplishments and struggles while holding a progressive vision for the future. She has the integrity and intellect to effect positive change. Please join us in voting for Carol.

Dan and Terri Drahn