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Growling about growlers

The paradigm of Greg Blomberg’s anti-growler growling is his inversion of “Anchors A-Way.” It is, of course, jejune to stand outside the tent and throw rocks: One must propose a reasonable alternative (one that a majority of his neighbors will agree upon). Human nature has not much changed in the past 2,000 years: “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum,” this unhappy dictum, rooted in human nature, has justified defense expenditure for millennia. Of course, the government is wasteful. Of course, there is a modicum of sleaze in issuing government contracts. But surely much less here than in other “civilized countries.” Until Greg proposes a growler budget agreeably commensurate with National Defense, I see no reason why anyone should take him seriously. “The epistemologically more robust procedure is to SEEK DIS-confirming evidence.” Greg’s blatant “ad Hominem” rhetoric should be rejected out of hand. Greg should “weigh” these thoughts.

JM Schultz

Lopez Island