Don’t attack, be civil | Letter

We recently underwent a national election with possible negative consequences. A disturbing aspect of our election system is the increasing use of attack ads.

These ads usually criticize some aspect of a particular individual without any substantive comments about the attacker.

It is a poor way to gain a following but, unfortunately, it often works because it appeals to people’s basic instincts.

Name calling should not be a part of a civilized debate. Those of us who feel strongly about an issue have to endure mud-slinging tactics by others. This is childish and regressive and should have no place in such a tight-knit and caring community as ours but, unfortunately, it is present.

The islands, Lopez included, are a microcosm of the nation at large. This includes the negative aspects as well as the positive ones.

We like to think of ourselves as a progressive community but, naturally, there are those among us that would drag us back to a bygone era.

If we are to maintain some semblance of civility we must recognize this and try to not let it shape our way of life.

Jack M. Pedigo

Lopez Island