Be grateful for military’s protection | Letter

I served as a woman Marine during World War II.  In the following 10 years I served as a personal assistant to several high ranking generals, learning a great deal about our military establishment and what it costs. If those who are objecting to the noise of the Growlers spend a little time on the Internet they will find that training the Growlers is now the major task of NAS Whidbey.

All but one of the Growler squadrons are stationed there and older electronic warfare planes are being converted to Growlers. All the training equipment is stationed there.

The cumulative cost of the planes, the training materials and the support facilities must be at least several billion dollars.

In this day of tight budgets no military person nor any legislator in their right mind would consider the cost of moving it all elsewhere simply because the noise bothers people living in the San Juan Islands.

Anyone bothered by the noise can make three simple choices:

One, be grateful that in this very unstable world people are being equipped and trained to protect us.

Two, you can buy appropriate hearing protection.

Three, you can move somewhere else.  No one has to live on Lopez.

Perhaps you will be comforted knowing that I’ve lived on Lopez since 1965, the last 24-plus years on the south end shore and my hearing is still good coming up on 90.

Best wishes to all,

Marjorie Roe

Lopez Island